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Brooklyn Woman Charged With Murdering Neighbor, Dumping Body Parts on Long Island

Severed body parts kept turning up on Long Island this month, and while police were reportedly investigating a connection to the Gligo Beach serial killer, they now say they all belonged to a Brooklyn mother of four who was killed by her neighbor in a dispute over the rent. Leah Cuevas, 42, was arrested on Wednesday and charged with second-degree murder in the death of Chinelle Latoya Thompson Browne, a 28-year-old Guyanese immigrant. Newsday reports that it's unclear if Cuevas actually owned their Brownsville apartment building, but she was collecting rent and the two often fought about the building's lack of hot water and frequent power outages. Neighbors say that during a confrontation on July 6, they heard Browne shout, "No Lee! No Lee! What you doing? Oh no! Oh no! . . . I’m sorry, I’m sorry," then heard blood-curdling screams.


Andrew Cuomo Could Have Saved Himself a Big Headache If He'd Been a Little More Frank

The Times6,500-word front-page story exploring Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Moreland Commission machinations was terrific reporting and a fun read. Yet, in some ways, the more fascinating piece of writing is the 13-page response to the Times’ questions. It is unsigned; on the first page, addressed to reporter Susanne Craig, it says “We are writing … ” and “We think,” and no doubt the missive was a joint, heavily lawyered effort. But the tone, and the thinking, is unmistakably Cuomo’s.


Twitter Was So-So at Debunking That False Rumor About Female Genital Mutilation and ISIS

Twitter is great at spreading information. The problem is that the platform is agnostic about the veracity of that information, and is equally eager to broadcast valid information about a recent natural disaster and invalid information about President Obama's birthplace. Today was a really good example — a lot of people (myself included) were shocked to see reports emanating from the U.N. and The Guardian that ISIS was demanding that women in the territory it controls in Iraq undergo female genital mutilation. As it turns out, this is, thankfully, a pretty flimsy story.


This Wearable-Tech Bracelet Electrocutes You If You Skip the Gym

Do you need a shock to your system to get you out of your basic no-pants, underachieving routine? Enter Pavlok, a new sadomasochistic bracelet that provides a very literal jolt to help you accomplish your goals. This goal-setting and tracking device looks like a cast-off from a Captain Planet accessory collection. But it also provides real consequences when you slack off. It will post embarrassing messages about your failure(s) to your Facebook wall for your co-workers and your high-school biology lab partner to "like." It will give money away. Or, it will simply shock you using "real voltage," a video helpfully confirms.

"Real voltage." »

New Brain Study Shows Why Making Difficult Choices Sucks

Concepts like decision paralysis and decision fatigue are pretty hot right now among folks who study human behavior. Everyone, after all, has to make a lot of day-to-day decisions, and everyone can identify with the unpleasant feelings that can often result. A new study in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shines some light on the nature of this sort of anxiety, and shows, perhaps unsurprisingly, that it's most potent when we're choosing between two things that we both greatly covet.


4 Journalists, Including Washington Post Reporter, Detained in Iran

The Washington Post's Iran correspondent Jason Rezaian and his wife, Yeganeh Salehi, a journalist working for a UAE newspaper The National, were detained along with two American photojournalists in Tehran on Tuesday for reasons not yet determined. "We are deeply troubled by this news and are concerned for the welfare of Jason, Yeganeh and two others said to have been detained with them," said the Post's foreign editor Douglas Jehl in a statement.

Obama Motorcade Strands Pregnant Woman Across the Street From Hospital

A Los Angeles woman who was trying to get to the hospital to have a baby yesterday didn't mind waiting 30 minutes for President Obama's motorcade to pass first. Really — that's what she told police.

That hasn't stopped "King Obama" from being blamed for "causing death and pain with his hubris YET AGAIN." It hasn't insulated "His Majesty" from criticism for his "mighty motorcade." Nor has it stopped "King Narcissist" from accusations that he feared being "upstaged by no stink in' baby." President Obama's decision to ride in a car the same way all presidents ride in cars — in a motorcade with police escort — might even be cause for impeachment


How Far Can a Condé Nast Employee Walk in Heels?

As Condé Nast prepares to move down to One World Trade Center, businesses are flocking to relocate within optimal walking distance from the publishing house. What is optimal walking distance? you may wonder. Well, if Condé Nast employees cannot walk there in heels, they will not walk there at all.

A story in today's Times "Style" section recounts the following exchange with Nadine Abramcyk, co-owner of the nail salon Tenoverten:

Ms. Abramcyk was initially delighted when she heard about the move. She had a salon in TriBeCa, about a 15-minute walk from 1 World Trade Center. But then she thought about it some more and realized something: That’s not walkable in heels.

“The truth is, we’re too far,” she said, adding that Condé Nast represents a significant portion of her business. “They’re not going to leave to go out for a manicure in TriBeCa,” she said. “You really need to be eight or 10 blocks farther south.”

John Barrett — the so-called "house salon of Condé Nast" — is putting an even finer point on that calculation:

The salon, which has space at Bergdorf Goodman, has a fully executed letter of intent to open up “about 50 paces from the elevators of Condé Nast,” said Jim Hedges, the chief executive of John Barrett Holdings. (The precise number of steps is really important to him; he cited it several times in an interview.)


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